Clad Melbourne are the combustible or non-compliant cladding experts with project management experience on a number of Melbourne’s most high profile and complex buildings.

We understand the complexities Owners Corporations face when they find out they have flammable cladding on their property. We also understand it can be a minefield to know what do next and most of the time the strata managers are left with the burden to negotiate the maze of information out there. Please download our free fact sheet which can set owners corporations and strata managers in the right direction.

We help owners corporations assess the problem, identify solutions and appoint the right design consultants. We assist the design team choose the right replacement products that are not going to create tens of thousands of dollars in extra design costs. Clad Melbourne can help the owners corporation to obtain funding (if required), tender the project to reputable builders and manage the cladding rectification. As with any industry, there are good operators who price fairly and those who don’t. At Clad Melbourne we know who the good ones are and are here to save you money. As experienced project managers we assist builders identify the best ways to sequence the works and get access to the cladding in order to save costs on expensive systems such as scaffold.

At Clad Melbourne we understand the process being undertaken by Cladding Safety Victoria and can guide you on the potential for funds to be available for the cladding rectification on your building.

Do you have a building notice or building order and don’t know what to do or have you run out of time? If so we can help.

Essential Services Maintenance – is this up to date? If not we can help to ensure you get compliant.